Multi: 10"- Singing Bird Blue


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Product Description:

Organic Multi Pads - Singing Bird Blue
Available Colors & Prints:-
Singing-birds Pink/Singing-birds Blue/Green Earth/Day Moon]

Brand Name: Sckoon Organics
Type: All-In-One pads rolex-chat
Country of Origin: United States

Recommended For
  • Regular Days
Pads Structures
  • All-In-One panty liner
  • Leak proof sheet(G50-PL00000) sold separately for extra protection
  • Size: 10" H x 7.5" W (25.5cm x 19cm)
Organic Multi Panty-Liner pads from Sckoon are fresher, softer, absorbent, and more convenient to use than other panty-liners on the market. This is an all-in-one panty-liner made with 100 percent certified organic Egyptian cotton with a great feature that allows you, when needed, to flip the panel to a fresher side!

Made with super-soft organic cotton, this panty-liner can be used for daily basis for discharge without causing skin irritations. Storing is simple and washing is easy. And for heavier days of menstruation, a leak-proof sheet is available, sold separately, from Sckoon to wear with the Multi Panty-Liner for extra protection.

The Leak-proof sheet can be easily attached to the back of the liner. No irritating chemicals. Just soft organic silky cotton, comforting and very soft to the skin. Multi Panty-Liners are available in four feminine prints--Singing Bird Blue or Pink plus Green Earth and Day Moon.

Super-soft 100% organic cotton panty-liner that fits to the body comfortably
Flip the panel to use fresher side
Insert a Leak-proof sheet separately sold, use this panty liner as a leak-proof cloth menstrual pads

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