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Product Description:

Organic Cloth Pads No-Leak Type Night Size - Zen
Available Colors & Prints:-

Brand Name: Sckoon Organics
Type: Base Holder + Inserts pads
Country of Origin
: United States

Recommended For

  • Heavy Flow or Postpartum
Pad’s Structures
  • A set of 1 holder pad with leak protected polyurethane sheet
  • 2 super-soft organic cotton liners
  • Holder size: 13.5" x 7.5" (35cm x 19cm)
  • Liner size: 12.5" x 9" (31cm x 22cm)
Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Pads are made of 100% certified organic cotton with a built-in leak-proof sheet, which prevents accidents and keep you comfortable and worry free all day long! Among all the pads that claim organic cloth menstrual pads, our pads are the only pads made of certified organic cotton certified by an international certification board. Without the use of chemicals and bleaches that cause irritation, Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Pads are 100% pure, comfortable, and safe. They are a healthy alternative to disposable menstrual pads, both for you and for the environment.

  • 100% Certified organic cotton cloth menstrual pads including threads and tag
  • A set of 1 holder pad + 2 super-soft organic cotton liners
  • Dyed with metal-free, low impact dyes
  • Nickel free snaps to prevent allergic reactions
  • Size 13.5 inch(35cm) long, 7.5 inch(19cm) wing-to-wing
  • Liner size 12.5 x 9 inches (31 cm x 22 cm)
  • Made with the finest & softest organic Egyptian cotton; made in Egypt

The Comfort Promise
Say goodbye to the sticky, sweaty feeling of disposable pads and hello to comfort. Sckoon pads feel like just another layer of super soft underwear, leaving you free to forget all about adhesives ruining your good lingerie or sticking to you and your clothing. Sckoon products snap easily into place and will not shift or move around, giving you reliability as well as ease of use.

Dyes, chemicals and pesticides? No thank you!

Sckoon Organic Cotton Pads are made of 100% certified organic Egyptian cotton, which is grown without harmful pesticides, hand picked and treated without the use of any chemicals, and certified by the International Certification Board, Demeter. Egyptian organic cotton is known worldwide as the most luxurious cotton available; with its extra-long fibers, it is incredibly soft, super-absorbent, breathable and durable. But we don’t stop with the fabric at Sckoon. All our thread is 100% organic cotton too, and the snaps nickel-free to prevent allergic reactions.

Designed for your lifestyle
Unlike most cloth menstrual pads that require the user to change the entire pad when it feels wet,fakeapwatch Sckoon Organic Cotton Pads allow a user to change just the liner and leave the holder in place. This is especially handy when you are traveling or are away from home for the day. All you have to carry are some clean liners, which will easily fit into your handbag, pocket or Sckoon’s Leak-proof Pouch.
Customers like Samantha in Jacksonville, Florida rave about the ease of the liner. I love being able to just change the liner when needed rather than replacing the whole pad.

And others like the flexibility on lighter days. They are incredibly well-sewn and the unique design allows me to keep fresh with a simple refolding of the liner. -- Melissa, Oakland, CA

Color Me Pretty
Here at Sckoon we think something this soft and luxurious should be fun and pretty too. We offehnly organic menstrual pads available in today’s market in bright colors and exciting prints. Embrace your feminine side with a flowered print, a checkered design, or a sassy stripe. And they are worry free too. All dyes are low-impact, metal free, and environmentally friendly.
As Sckoon customer, Melissa in Oakland, CA, says, Thanks to Sckoon for an excellent quality washable pad that brings a bit of sunshine to an otherwise dreary period!!!

Make the switch and pocket the change
On average, a woman spends RM20 per month on disposable pads, which can quickly add up. That is around RM240 per year. Multiply that by the six years that Sckoon Organic Cotton Pads can last and you are out RM1440. Most women who make the switch to Sckoon spend around RM345 in a start-up package**, leaving you with a whole lot of cash in your pocket for something more fun.
**Recommended start-up package includes 2 Mini, 4 Day Pads and 2 Night Pads.

How to Wear?

Sckoon-How-To-Wear1 Sckoon-How-To-Wear2 Sckoon-How-To-Wear3 Sckoon-How-To-Wear4

  1. Sckoon Cloth Menstrual Pads come with 100% Organic Super-soft main pad & a liner (Night/Postpartum Pads come with two liners).
  2. Place the Super-soft liner into the pockets - practical design allows you to change only liner part any time you like, not the entire pad.
  3. The print side of Sckoon Menstrual Pads touches your underwear. Fold the wings over the crotch and close the snaps.
  4. That is it. Sckoon provides you with a comfortable feeling all day long. You will feel the difference.
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