Folded Liner- Day Size


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Product Description:

Organic Folded Liner Set 2 pac - Day Size
Brand Name: Sckoon Organics
: Liners
Country of Origin: United States

Recommended for
  • Organic NO Leak Day
Liner’s Structure
  • 2 Liners in a set
  • Folded
Demeter Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads Extra Liner Set (Day Size)
A set of two certified organic cotton liners used for Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Day Pads or Sckoon Cotton Cloth Menstrual NO Leak Day Pads.

Sckoon inlay liner comes with silky interlock in one side and super soft flannel in the other side. It can be folded into four, gives you a clean feeling every time you change the fold.

It contains two Organic Cotton Liners to be used for Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Pads Days Size. Made of 100% Organic Egyptian cotton; the rarest, softest, and the most luxurious cotton in the world. It has super absorb-ability, incredible breath-ability and silky softness.

Why Organic Cotton?
  • To make one Non-Organic Cotton Pad Set, it takes about one-third of a pound of chemicals, such as chlorine, pesticides, dioxins, and heavy metals including chromium to fix colors, which is considered dangerous to people, wildlife and damaging to the earth.
  • Pesticides used in growing Non-Organic Cotton are responsible for birth defects, infertility, sterility, respiratory problems, and it contaminate ground water which then is passed along to the food chain.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 53 million pounds of pesticides and 1.6 billion pounds of synthetics were used in cotton production in 1996. Cotton, which constitutes 3% of the world cropland, uses about 23% of the world’s insecticides to grow.
All Sckoon products are made of 100% Organic, 100% Egyptian Cotton, they are;
  • 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton - Demeter Certified Organic Cotton, world famous extra long fibers that bring exceptional softness and strength. The more you wash, the softer it gets.
  • No Chemicals - Sckoon Women Pads are made of certified organic cotton; picked by hand and produced without the use of any chemicals. It is safe and irritant-free. While many other organic products available in the market use a harsh, low grade organic cotton fabrics, Sckoon uses 100% pure, 100% top quality organic Egyptian cotton fabrics.
  • Sckoon Design - While earth-friendliness is essential to our mission, comfortable and fashionable style is crucial to Sckoon. You can choose top quality organic cotton products for your safety and comfort without sacrificing a look.
  • Made by Sckoon - Located in Soho New York, Sckoon’s mission is to make our planet a healthier environment by promoting healthy products for conscious consumers.
  • Easy Care - 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton requires no special care, Please wash Sckoon pads 1-2 times with hot water before the first use. Natural oil remaining in Organic cotton needs to be washed away for better absorbability. After using Sckoon pads, soak it in water with natural soap at least 24 hours and machine-wash with cold water. You will surprise how easily it gets clean.

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