Large 1 pac: 11"- Pink


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Product Description:

Momiji Natural Large 01 Pad Pack - Pink
Available Colors & Prints:-
[Red/Pink/Petit Flower/Flower Passion/Pink & Brown]

Brand Name: Momiji Natural
Type: All-In-One pads
Country of Origin
: Sri Lanka

Recommended For

  • Heavy Flow
Pad’s Structures
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Absorbent layers
  • PU coated polyester waterproof layer
  • 2 adjustable Led-free buttons
  • Size: 11" H x 9" W (27cm x 22.5cm)
Momiji Natural Large Size Pads:-
  1. Suitable for wearing at your school or office.
  2. All-in-one shape and easy to carry by folding.
  3. High absorbent power with the inside layers and special leak-proof lining.
  4. Soft & smooth 100% cotton flannel surface.
  5. Adjustable crotch size with double buttons.
How to wear the pad?

How to fold the pad?

Washing instructions:
Rinse used pads with water or soaks in water and squeeze excess water from the pads.
Washing directly after use is also possible.
Wash pads by hand with soap or machine with other clothes and get dried by sunshine.

If you have difficulty in washing pads immediately after use, soak pads in lukewarm water until the next laundry.
Putting soap or detergent into the soaking water will also help it.
The water in the container should be changed once a day.

Sunshine is the natural resources to prevent bacteria growing and has disinfection effect.
Sundry is highly recommended than using the dryer as it contributes to the long lasting effect of the pad. A drier can be used otherwise.
After using the pad, use lukewarm water or cold water (cold water is highly recommended) to remove blood.
At the end of the washing process, hot water (hot water will set stains on the pad if the blood has not removed completely) can also be used if preferred.

  • The blood coagulates (transformed from a liquid into a soft semisolid or solid mass) in higher temperature than our body, so don’t use hot water.
  • Don’t use softener, as the surface will be coated and will not absorb properly.
  • Line dry is recommended for maintaining non-leakage effect. Don’t use iron and dryer.
Notes on the Blood-Transmitted Diseases
Menstrual Blood will be able to transmit some diseases.
  • Don’t share your pads with others and wash your pads by yourself.
  • Wash separately from other persons’ laundry.
  • Don’t wash your pads in public place.

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