Night Pads: 14"- Undyed


RM 69.65 Malaysia Ringgit
US$ 22.65 US Dollars
S$ 28.20 Singapore Dollars

Product Description:

GladRags Undyed Night Pads
Brand Name: GladRags
Type: Holder + Inserts Pads
Country of Origin
: United States

Recommended For

  • Heavy Flow and Postpartum
Pad’s Structures
  • 1 Night Holder
  • 2 Inserts
  • No nylon backing
  • Approximately 14" (35.5cm) long and 3" (7.5cm) wide at the middle
Sleep a little easier with the maximum protection and comfort of our Organic Night Pads!

Great for women with allergies or chemical sensitivities, the Organic Undyed Night Pads are a healthy alternative to disposable feminine protection.

GladRags’ reusable Night Pads are longer and wider to provide more coverage while you sleep. In addition to extra coverage, the night holder contains a layer of ultra-absorbent terry cloth.  The Night Pad can also be used as a postpartum pad and some of our customers with larger bodies or heavier flows use it during the day.

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