Night: 13"- Yellow Bear


RM 28.50 Malaysia Ringgit
US$ 9.30 US Dollars
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Product Description:

Lohan Pure Cotton Night Pads - Yellow Bear
Available Colors & Prints:-
[Pink Bear/Yellow Bear/Pink Flower/Blue Flower/Fruity]

Brand Name: Lohan
Type: All-In-One pads
Country of Origin
: Korea

Recommended For

  • Heavy Flow or Post-Partum
Pad’s Structures
  • 1 layer of pure cotton
  • 2 hidden layer of cotton flannel
  • 1 PUL layer
  • 1 printed layer
  • Size: 13" H x 7.5" W (33cm x 19cm)

Certified by Korean Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI)
  1. Lohan pads have a certificate of non-fluorescent bleaching and non-formaldehyde** issued by KATRI.
  2. It consist of super soft pure cotton on top, 2 layers of 100% cotton absorbent material inside, a hidden water-proof barrier (PUL**), and a printed 100% cotton outer.
  3. Easy to use - wrap wings around panty gusset and fasten securely.
  4. Convenient – clean pads on hand whenever you need them.
  5. Super absorbent – this pad have 2 layers of cotton material inside.
  6. Leak proof – the pads protect the wearer from leaks, similar features found in disposables.
  7. Secure fastening – for all types of underwear, from bikini briefs to larger styles. The pads are width adjustable ensuring that the pad stays in one place.
  8. Easy to care for – just soak pads in cold water until residues disappear. And leave it along with a plenty of soap for 2-3 hours and wash it by machine or hand.
  9. Long lasting – the pads are designed to last form to 3-5years.
  10. You are advised to wash the new pad before first used.
**Formaldehyde - It is used as the wet-strength resin added to sanitary paper products such as (listed in increasing concentrations injected into the paper machine headstock chest) facial tissue, table napkins, and roll towels. Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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**PUL - polyurethane laminate is a waterproof, breathable material used as a leak-proof barrier for cloth pads. It is a non-irritant and is approved by CPSIA standards to be free of hydrogen cyanide, phthalates, diisocyannates, formaldehyde or lead – materials that are often associated with the production of synthetic materials. PUL is safe to use on women and children even on the most sensitive areas of the body.

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