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Product Description:

Fussybutt Moonbow Organic Regulars Wool-backed Pads - Assorted Colors
Available Colors & Prints:-
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Brand Name: Fussybutt
Type: All-In-One Pads
Country of Origin
: United States

Recommended For

  • Light, Average and even Heavier Flow
Pad’s Structures
  • 1 Bamboo Velour Topped as 1st layer close to skin.
  • 1 Hidden layer (2nd layer) sewn to the top layer of the pad.
  • 1 Pre-felted 100% Certified Organic Merino Wool Jersey Backing (undyed) as 3rd layer. The wool acts as both an absorbent layer and a barrier layer, so these trim all-in-one pads protect against leaks while remaining breathable and comfortably soft.
  • Total of 3 layers including wool (waterproof backing).
  • Approximately 10" (25cm) long and 2.5" to 3" (6cm - 7cm) wide when snapped, adjustable snap settings.
  • "standard" size.
Fabric Contents
Bamboo Velour
  • Hand dyed bamboo velour (70% viscose from organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% poly).
  • Hidden bamboo fleece core (70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton).
  • Hand dyed 100% certified organic merino wool jersey backing, pre-felted.

Care Info
Enzyme-free detergent recommended. Cold rinse, cold or warm wash, low-heat or air dry. No high temperature wash cycles, no bleach, no fabric softeners. If you use an
high efficiency(HE) washer at extremely hot temps it will shrink the wool. Using a "sanitary cycle" will cause shrinkage and void your warranty!

How to Wear?
Wear the super soft color layer next to your skin while the non-color side of Fussybutt Pads touches your underwear. Fold the wings over the crotch and close the snaps.

[Fussybutt Sizes Chart]

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