Night Pads: 14"- Blue Dots


RM 52.25 Malaysia Ringgit
US$ 17.00 US Dollars
S$ 21.20 Singapore Dollars

Product Description:

GladRags Blue Dots Color Night Pads
Available Colors & Prints:-
[Blue Dots/Pink Dots/Roses]

Brand Name: GladRags
Type: Holder + Inserts Pads
Country of Origin
: United States

Recommended For

  • Heavy Flow and Postpartum
Pad’s Structures
  • 1 Night Holder
  • 2 Inserts
  • No nylon backing
  • Approximately 14" (35.5cm) long and 3" (7.5cm) wide at the middle
GladRags’ reusable Night Pads are longer and wider to provide more coverage while you sleep. In addition to extra coverage, the night holder contains a layer of ultra-absorbent terry cloth.  The Night Pad can also be used as a postpartum pad and some of our customers with larger bodies or heavier flows use it during the day.

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