Minkee Liner: 9"- Moo


RM 22.00 Malaysia Ringgit
US$ 7.15 US Dollars
S$ 8.95 Singapore Dollars

Product Description:

Mamapatch Minkee Liner 01 Pad Pack - Moo 
Available Colors or Prints:-

Brand Name: Mamapatch
Type: All-In-One Pads
Country of Origin
: Malaysia

Recommended For

  • Daily use, spotting or non-menstrual day
Pad’s Structures
  • All-In-One features.
  • Cute plush minkee prints (moo/jaguar) next to skin.
  • Top – Soft cotton next to skin.
  • Inner core – 1 layer microfiber/zorb.
  • Bottom – Waterproof Polyurethane laminate (PUL) to prevent leakage.
  • Approximately 9” long and 2.75” wide while snapped up.
  • Best use for spotting, early days or end days of menses.
  • Easy to wash as minkee proof as stain-resistant.
Why Choose Premium Cloth Pads over Flannel Pads

Washing Instruction

1. First, rinse pad with cold water. Rub salt or soap to remove stain immediately.
2. Fold, snap up and store in wetbag (if you are away from home).

3. Soak in a small pail and add a few drops of vinegar (as disinfectant) and baking soda (or even salt) if stain persist.
4. Line dry recommended as sun is the best natural bleach disinfectant to our clothing.

Care Tips
1. Use only cold water as hot water sets blood stain on pad.
2. No softener to prevent built up on surface.
3. Hand wash for longer lasting pad.
4. Change frequently / wear a darker color pad on your lighter days as dry stain is difficult to remove.

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